Can You Get Out Of A Car Lease Early

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Can You Get Out Of A Car Lease Early

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Do’s & Dont’s Of Car Leasing

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Lease Buyout: 5 Tips On Buying Your Leased Car

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Need To Get Out Of Your Lease Early? Let’s Talk Pull Ahead.

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Lease purchase involves the purchase of a car for lease on or before the expiry of the contract. Leases usually include a purchase price option that is created when the lease is signed.

“A person who leases a car owes any lease payments left under the contract plus the residual value of the car, plus sales tax on the purchase and disposal fee to the seller,” says deputy editor Matt Smith. At CarGurus, the online car marketplace.

If you are considering a rental purchase, first check with the landlord or dealer that this is an option. Or you can refer to your monthly rental statement to see how much to pay if a rental purchase is permitted.

Should You Lease A New Or Used Car?

Once you do, do your homework and understand how factors like time, car value, and financing will affect the price you pay. These five tips will help you drive away with the car you want and the best deal.

The question may be whether to buy your rental car, but when. The time of purchase changes the price you pay.

If you decide to buy before the lease ends – known as buying early – you may have to pay additional fees or finance charges. Carefully review the terms of your rental agreement to see how the rental company handles early purchases. If there are high fees, wait until the end of the lease to buy.

“You can often get the best deal on a car by waiting until the end of your lease to buy a car,” says Shaun Bauer, co-founder of car-buying service SellMax. “Once the lease is up, the dealer has to consider reselling the car and wants to sell it to you.”

Pros And Cons Of Leasing Or Buying A Car

If you decide to buy before the end of the lease, make sure the rental company doesn’t misunderstand your interest in buying early. Make it clear that you want to get the car, not get rid of it.

For detailed pricing information, check out sources like Kelly Blue Book,, TrueCar, and Edmunds. Have all relevant information ready when searching, including make, model, model year, and current mileage.

“I tend to tell people that searching on sites like Craigslist is a better option because you’ll see what the car is already selling in your area,” Bauer says.

Then compare your findings with the car’s residual value in your lease agreement. Leases typically combine the residual value with a purchase option fee, if applicable, which estimates how much the rental company will pay you to purchase the vehicle.

Ways To Turn Your Lease Into Cash

By doing independent research, you can create an estimate of what you’ll pay. If your numbers and the rental company’s numbers are too far apart, you may want to return the lease and purchase a different used car.

The rental company will likely finance the purchase — but don’t say yes until you’ve explored other financing options. Otherwise, you may pay extra interest due to merchant feedback.

You may be able to get a better interest rate at a financial institution than at a leasing company or dealer. There are no fees or penalties if you decide not to go with a rental company.

In addition to lending money on new and used cars, some lenders offer auto financing loans that act as refinance loans.

Pros & Cons Of A Business Car Lease To Consider

“Lenders that provide auto loans often offer both lease and purchase loans,” says Steve Sexton, CEO of the financial services firm Sexton Advisory Group. “But the annual interest rate on a lease purchase loan is usually higher than on a new car.”

As with any auto loan, the key to getting the best deal is shopping around. Check out buy-to-let loans from banks, credit unions, and online lenders. This way, the rental company will have to splurge on the best deal you found yourself.

Bohr says this is especially true if you have a strong credit score. “Finance companies are happy to have you and compete for fees.”

You may feel like you can’t wait to call the rental company to discuss purchasing a car lease, but take some time to slow down. According to consumer advocates, making the first move ruins your chances of negotiating favorable terms.

Decoded: When Should You Lease A Car Rather Than Buying It

Usually, the rental company will call about 90 days before the lease expires. If you contact the company before the countdown starts, you can show your hand how much you want to buy the car.

Vehicle rental purchases are like any other type of transaction. You have a slight advantage when the seller doesn’t know your interest level.

Companies often have a no-negotiation rule on the rental purchase purchase price, leaving little room for bargaining.

“There isn’t much, if any, involved in negotiating until all terms are agreed upon early in the lease,” says Benjamin Preston, automotive reporter for Consumer Reports.

Buy Or Lease A Car

However, it doesn’t hurt to bring up the topic. You never know what kind of deal you might get if you don’t ask.

Experts point to call option fees as a sticking point that many sellers are willing to give up on the table.


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