How To Get Your Stolen Car Back

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How To Get Your Stolen Car Back – We don’t kid ourselves, but in addition to being the leading online resource for car buyers and owners, we can add another function to our job description: crime fighting. Well, we’re not exactly Batman here, but we’ve recently learned that on several occasions our content has been helpful in helping car theft investigators track down the theft.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s director of automotive investigations in Des Plaines, North Carolina, told editors that having thousands of car models on our website, showing them from different perspectives, helped investigators. in their work. For example, if a public surveillance camera captures an image of a vehicle found in a reported theft, the quality of that image may be too vague or fuzzy to clearly identify the year, make, and model. With an extensive database of photos, investigators can often find information that will ultimately help solve the theft.

How To Get Your Stolen Car Back

Of course, the thought of helping someone get their vehicle back warms our car-loving hearts. However, we do not have specific photo patents that can help investigators in case of car theft. Blackman recommends that all car owners take and store photos of their cars from different angles – especially the car’s unique identifying features, birthmarks if you will. Just as police detectives look for a missing person’s signature, mark, tattoo or other identifying feature, auto theft detectives may see something unique about your car — a dent, a scratch, a custom accessory, a mysterious stain underneath. . That green passenger seat — it’s creaking in the casing — could be a sign that your four-wheeled baby is coming back to you.

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Of course, taking these steps before your car is stolen requires a little distance. According to a recent Gallup poll, 56% of Americans “maybe” or “never” worry about their car being stolen, which means that crime has dropped by 58% over the past 24 years with the continued development of anti-theft technology. . . However, today only a little more than half of the approximately 700,000 vehicles stolen each year are recovered, and less than 15 percent of cases are estimated to be solved. So, it makes sense to use it to your advantage.

As the last line of defense against car thieves, the NICB recommends equipping your vehicle with an automatic tracking system.

“The tracking system sends a signal to the police or surveillance service when the vehicle is reported stolen,” the NICB said. “This extra layer of protection can increase the chances of recovering the vehicle faster with less damage.”

Lojack Corporation deals with such tools. Compared to a national stolen car recovery rate of less than 55 percent, LoJack records a 90 percent recovery rate for its clients, with nearly $84 million in property recovered in 2014 alone.

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We sincerely hope your car hasn’t been stolen, but if so, LoJack offers the following additional tips:

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If you take a few seconds to make sure your car hasn’t been towed (or you haven’t forgotten where you parked), call the police. They want to know:

File a claim with your insurance company within 24 hours of the theft or as soon as possible after filing a police report. If your insurance company requests additional information, please provide them as soon as possible. If you are a Liberty Mutual customer, you can apply online in less than 10 minutes.

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It is estimated that only half of the stolen vehicles are recovered. Cars are often stolen just for parts, meaning they are quickly finished and gone. If you return the car, it may be damaged or lost due to these circumstances.

Once you have your car back and it’s ready to drive, make sure you check it thoroughly. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, grab a flashlight, and then go through your car thoroughly for something that doesn’t belong to you. If you find anything, report it to the police. You don’t want anyone to get hurt, and you certainly don’t want anything unexpected to happen to your car.

It’s time to think about taking new steps to prevent thieves from retrieving your car. Consider anti-theft devices, such as a new alarm system or GPS tracker.

Check your car insurance coverage. Car theft is usually covered by comprehensive insurance – usually optional insurance. The minimum car insurance required by the state usually does not cover car theft.

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Note that personal belongings in the car are not covered by car insurance. You may need to cover them or apply with your renters or homeowners insurance. Crime If you recover a stolen car, the thief may have left digital traces that can identify them.

Sometimes thieves use their phones to make calls or listen to music through the car’s system, leaving important information behind.

We spoke to the creator of Stolen Autos Nola, an Instagram page that helps people get their cars back, which currently has over 7,200 followers.

“When these kids get into these cars a lot, they take them on fun rides and listen to their music. So they will wirelessly pair their phone with the car via Bluetooth. When they do, it saves their phone ID,” Nola told Theft Auto.

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But if you are unlucky enough to get your car back, you won’t notice it until you try to connect the device.

A car theft victim told Eyewitness News that after his car was stolen, he noticed that his Spotify voice control device was logged into a different account.

“I brought information about the car to Spotify, but they didn’t want it. They also refused to help when I asked if any of my neighbors had camera footage. In fact, the only thing they really care about is if I had a gun in the car and it wasn’t me,” the victim said in a statement.

“A lot of people have said outright that the police aren’t interested in this information or can’t really do anything about it. You know, I don’t know how much truth there is in that,” of Stolen Autos. Nola said.

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Marilyn DeFallo, retired deputy manager of the NOPD, said it is up to the investigator and acknowledged that the NOPD is facing a manpower shortage.

“Most of the time, you have at least one stolen property, but it takes courage for the investigator to go out and find these people,” DeFallo said.

“I talked to a detective from the Louisiana State Police and he said that’s exactly the kind of information they can use,” said Nola of Stolen Autos.

DeFallo said more evidence is needed to prove someone stole the vehicle and was in possession of the stolen property.

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“You have a crime with very limited witnesses, and if you don’t have video, it makes it difficult,” DiFallo said.

There have been more than 800 auto thefts in New Orleans this year, according to the city’s crime panel. Some car theft victims can pay hundreds of dollars to get their cars back from where they were taken.

DENVER – Auto theft victims in the Denver metropolitan area may have to pay hundreds of dollars in restitution for stolen property.

Davis’ 4Runner was recovered and taken to the Denver County Vehicle Impoundment, where owners do not pay a fee to recover stolen vehicles.

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“Because it was stolen, they waived the $240 fee,” Davis said. “Luckily we didn’t have to pay anything.”

Other cities around the subway do not have their own car parks or contracts with towing companies. These companies can charge owners hundreds of dollars to recover stolen vehicles.

In Aurora, the city deals with M&M Towing. The company says M&M Towing charges a minimum of $30 per day for storage, $35 for notification, and $125 for towing.

According to a report from the city of Aurora, in 2021 M&M Towing collected $974,883.25 in fees from owners of stolen cars.

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